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A guy and his dog roasting coffee in small batches.

Really, it’s that simple.

We air-roast all of our coffee in small batches and package each order by hand right here in Winston-Salem, NC.

We’re a small, family-run company that’s passionate about people and great coffee.


Keeping it simple.

There are 90+ places that coffee originates. That’s a lot - and that can be overwhelming when you try to pick the beans you’d like to brew at home. So, we’ve decided to make things as easy as possible: we only offer one origin of coffee at a time. This means that all you have to pick is how you’d like your coffee roasted, and we’ll custom-roast it for you.

No fuss. Just super good coffee.


the dog.

“Old Man” Sullivan is our good ol’ boy. He’s a four year old Golden Retriever that we’ve had since he was just six weeks old. He spends his days sun-bathing and guarding our small backyard flock of six laying hens. He’s pretty much the most handsome dog there ever was and we couldn’t love him any more!


Our Promise.

You will love the coffee we roast for you. That’s a promise.

It’s a big deal that you’re choosing to drink our coffee - and we don’t take that lightly! If you ever get an order from us that you’re not totally satisfied with, we want to know!

Life’s too short to drink coffee you don’t love.


the family.

We’re a little family that loves each other, and loves helping others. We’ve been married for just over five years and have the two sweetest little girls on the face of earth! God’s blessed us in so many ways, and we’re just thankful to live this great life He has given us.

THANK YOU for drinking our coffee, and supporting our little family!

(Jordan, Heather, Eleanor + Amelia)


Let’s Get Brewin’

Simply choose your quantity per bag, your roast level and whether you’d like whole bean or ground!

It’s THAT simple.


the current origin.

Right now we’re roasting a 2017 lot of washed coffee from TANZANIA.

This coffee is harvested and processed by the Iyenga Cooperative, near the town of Mbozi in the region of Mbeya.

This coffee tends to present notes of Blackberry, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Black Pepper and Brown Spice.


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