the roast levels.

We love coffee. This means we want to be able to taste the specific flavors and profiles that make certain origins of coffee unique - and we want to truly enjoy the incredible aroma and flavor that fresh-roasted coffee offers.

Our roast levels fall in line with the majority of of speciality roasters; which means they are going to be lighter and more complex than the coffee you can buy in large, national-brand retailers. This doesn’t mean they don’t lack bold, full-flavors - it just means we don’t over-roast our beans yielding an intense smoky or bitter flavor. We keep the integrity and intricacies of the bean intact by roasting it at a level that compliments it well.

Our three roasts don’t look drastically different, but they do taste drastically different.



Dark roasts get a bad rap. Most people associate a darker roast with being bitter and tasting like “asphalt.” While that can be the case across national brands, it’s definitely NOT the case with specialty roasted coffee.

Our dark roast is very bold, packed full of body and hints of caramelized and smoky notes - but still surprisingly smooth and NEVER bitter. It’s a very refreshing take on the national concept of “dark roast.”

We take our dark roast right to the edge of second crack, giving it a very deep, rich flavor. This is the perfect choice for a solid, very robust cup of coffee. If you’re looking for an even darker roast, shoot us an email and we’ll custom roast an order for you that we’re sure you’ll love!


This is our most popular roast - by far. You could call it the “Goldielocks” of coffee. Not too light, not too dark… Just right! Delicious, smooth and very well-balanced.

With our medium roast you can expect that familiar “coffee” flavor everyone loves and expects. It’s a super classic cup of coffee that truly can’t be beat! Still packed with bold flavor and all the beautiful nuances of fresh coffee, but with that comforting flavor you’ve grown to love. An incredibly good, traditional roast for all coffee-lovers.

Don’t let it fool you, this roast will still knock your socks off!

If you’re ordering a gift for someone and aren’t sure what they drink, this is definitely the roast to send them.


Our lightest roast means we take our beans right past first-crack, which is when coffee “officially” becomes drink-worthy. This roast provides a much “brighter” cup of coffee and often presents fruity and floral notes. The usual “coffee” flavors aren’t very pronounced in this roast the way most would anticipate.

Light roasts are sometimes described as a cross between strong black tea and coffee - giving flavors and aromas of the green beans before they were roasted.

TRUE coffee “geeks” usually love light roasted beans because more of the original flavors are present.

This is not equivalent to a light roast you’d find in the supermarket. Totally different.


Still not sure?

Our Roast Sampling Set is the perfect way to try each of our roasts to find your absolute favorite!